About You

Do all your team members get the results from networking that you’d like them to?

Do you find yourself or your team members saying any of the following things?

Do I really have to go to that networking event?

All I ever get when I go networking is a bunch of worthless business cards

Everyone I meet at networking events is so dull

Everyone hard sells to me at networking events

I’m too nervous to go networking

I don’t get any return on investment from time spent networking

I don’t get any referrals

I’m not comfortable asking for referrals

I never know what to say when I’m networking

Can’t I just spend time with people I already know?

Would you like to build your connections, raise your profile, and generate more sales? Are you someone that is comfortable sitting down for a coffee with someone, and would rather do that than meet hundreds of new people? Are you looking to develop your career, using the connections you already have?

The Unnatural Networker will help you or your audience to:

Have confidence to network

Generate more business through networking

Build a better business by developing an effective networking strategy

Remove the fear, so you can actually enjoy networking