Why Book Charlie Lawson

He’s an Unnatural Networker

Other networking speakers give fantastic advice about networking, but they make out it’s very easy to talk to strangers – because they love networking and find it easy.

Charlie is an Unnatural Networker, and talks about networking from the point of view of someone who’d rather not do it at all (most of the world’s population). Everything he speaks about is honed from years of having to force himself to network, which means he really resonates with his audiences.

Experience – Runs BNI

Despite being an Unnatural Networker, Charlie runs BNI in the UK and Ireland. BNI is the world’s biggest and best referral generating organisation – that uses networking to achieve incredible results for its members.

Booking Charlie means you’ll not only be getting the country’s foremost leading expert on networking, but also someone backed up by years of experience running the country’s biggest networking organisation.

Engaging personality, energetic on-stage presence

Charlie isn’t one for long, dull, monotonous speeches. His sessions are lively, engaging, interactive, and most importantly of all, deliver clear action items for all attendees. Don’t book Charlie if you want your delegates to have a snooze during the session…